Photography permitted. No flash. No touching. No smoking. No eating or drinking, except in cafe and restaurant.

You are welcome to take photographs, except if a specific artwork or exhibition has a sign indicating no photography. If you wish to photograph another visitor, especially children, please ask their permission first. Filming or videorecording is not permitted.

The artworks in the Gallery are real, not replicas, and very valuable. Please help protect the art by:

  • not using flash, tripods or monopods when photographing
  • not touching
  • cloaking wet umbrellas, raincoats and large bags when you arrive
  • eating and drinking only in the cafe and restaurant

No smoking in or near the building.

If you need help in the Gallery, go to the information desk, ground level where staff will contact a Chinese-language speaker to assist.

If you have an enquiry before you visit, email or call the Gallery.