Paul Cézanne
Banks of the Marne, c1888
AGNSW collectionFrederic Lord Leighton
Cymon and Iphigenia, 1884
AGNSW collection

How old is the Gallery?

Established in 1870s. The oldest parts of the current building date from the 1890s.

How many artworks in the collection?

Around 30,000

How many artworks on display?

Usually around 2000

Most expensive

The most the Gallery has paid for a painting is Aus$16.2 million in 2008 for Banks of the Marne, a c1888 artwork by French artist Paul Cézanne. It set a record for the most expensive painting ever bought by an Australian public gallery. You can see it in the 19th & 20th century European art gallery, ground level.

Most beautiful

There are many beautiful works but visitors often say the loveliest is an 1884 painting Cymon and Iphigenia by British artist Frederic Lord Leighton. Judge it for yourself in the 19th century European gallery, ground level.

Is the art for sale?

No, this is an art museum, not a commercial gallery. The Gallery Shop sells postcards, posters and other art-related merchandise.